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Abby Choi

Abby Choi

Abby Choi, a model and influencer from Hong Kong, was found dead and her body broken into pieces in a house. Her ex-husband was eventually caught by police at Tung Chung harbor while trying to escape by air to Lantau Island.

Her ex-husband’s father, mother and brother were also arrested and are facing legal proceedings over the alleged murder of Abby Choi. “We believe the victim and her ex-husband’s family have multiple financial interests involving large sums. One is dissatisfied with the way the victim handled her assets,” said Alan Chung, a Hong Kong police officer, as reported by CNN on Sunday (26/2/2023)

Police are still investigating the motive behind this murder case. Abby Choi’s ex-husband, a 28-year-old man with the surname Kwong, was arrested Saturday while trying to flee the city by boat.

Earlier in the day, Abby Choi’s ex-husband’s father, mother and brother had been arrested. The fourth charge is of murder.

Reported Disappeared

On Wednesday (22/3/2023), Abby Choi was reported missing. The loss of Abby Choi came as a shock, considering her face was still seen on the cover of digital magazine L’Officiel Monaco a few weeks earlier. It is alleged that the last time Abby Choi was seen was with her ex-husband’s brother who worked as her personal driver.

The police then conducted a search and raided a house in the village which was not named. Abby Choi’s body was later found mutilated in a refrigerator in a brand new and unfurnished location.

About a hundred police were deployed to comb the area around the Tseung Kwan O cemetery, a place where Abby Choi’s bodies were allegedly dumped. Police are still conducting an investigation to find out the motive behind the murder. ***

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