Nikki Harding TikTok video getting dressed up, he embarrassed outfit

Nikki's supporters claimed she escaped a bullet.

Nikki's supporters claimed she escaped a bullet.

A TikTok user alleges that her date drove her home in an Uber in protest of her ’embarrassing’ dress.

A woman has taken to TikTok to recount how a much-anticipated date night turned out to be a disaster.

Nikking Harding, a TikTok user, had recently moved in with a new lover and was looking forward to accompanying him to one of his work gatherings.

She spent her time getting dressed, applying her makeup, and attempting to appear her best for the evening.

“I spent 40 minutes on my makeup to meet his friends and coworkers at the retail company for which he works,” Nikki explained in her TikTok video.

“He was too ashamed to be seen with me in this clothing, so he drove me home in an Uber and attended the opening alone.”

I’m extremely disappointed since I spent so much time trying to appear nice and he drove me home in an Uber.

“Who is responsible for that?”

On a Friday night, he sent me home with a stranger.”

After barely three weeks with her new partner, she stated that this was not the first time he had made a critical remark about her appearance.

“It all started with a few passing comments over the last few of weeks, such as ‘Why are you wearing heels?’ “I enjoy seeing you in tennis shoes,” she stated.

“What’s the point of wearing so much makeup?” I adore it when you’re authentic. ” He had informed me several times this week that I was overdressed and urged me to wear a large sweater.

“So today I went to pick him up from work, and we were going to go out to dinner and then to his business function, and as he got into the car, he couldn’t stop starring at me, and I had a sense what was going to happen.”

She inquired as to if he was dissatisfied with her attire, and he remained silent.

“I asked, ‘Do you want me to go home and change?’ and he responded, ‘I feel terrible right now,'” she explained.

“I answered, ‘I’m either going this way or I’m not going at all,’ and he said, ‘May I then call you an Uber?’

“I’m relieved I was released after only three weeks, rather than three years.”

Nikki Harding’s date escorted her home after expressing dissatisfaction with her attire.

Many of Nikki’s TikTok followers concurred, stating that his behavior was indicative of a domineering nature.

“From the start, that is a massive red flag. You are lovely and deserving of so much more,” one person remarked.

“Keep in mind that this is him in the outset. This is him at his best. “Run,” another observer observed.

“There will be an apology and a beg. Please do not listen to him; the situation will only deteriorate,” a third wrote.

“You are stunning and deserving of so much more!”

Nikki revealed that her date had attempted to woo her back, but she stated that she would not return.

“I’m very relieved that it was discovered early,” she remarked.

“Never, EVER should anyone disrespect you this way,” one follower stated.

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