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ashy bines

ashy bines

When Ashy Bines is pregnant, she fights back against people who don’t like her baby bump because it’s too big for her to work out.

A pregnant personal trainer has hit back after getting a lot of “mum hate” about the size of her bump.

This is what Ashy Bines wrote on Instagram: “I thought “mum shaming” was over after I was pregnant with Taj seven years ago, but alas, it’s not. It’s still going on.”

Ashy said that at around 14 weeks, she was already getting “mum hate” because of the size of her belly.

Ashy Bines has hit back after getting a lot of “mum hate” about the size of her bump.

It was a question she asked her 1 million fans.

A lot of people have told Ashy that she looks like she’s holding her belly even though she doesn’t have one. Ashy says that for her, there is a little belly and a real human being growing inside, and it is something she will never get tired of feeling proud to show.

Everyone’s bodies are so different. They carry different things, show different things, and hold babies in different ways, too. And I think that every pregnant belly is beautiful no matter how big or small it is. “Pregnant is a miracle and so special,” says the author.

Ashy said she had been criticized for cradling her belly.

Ashy said that for every negative comment she had received, she had also received hundreds of messages of “love, support, and encouragement.” She said that she was “so grateful” for all of them.

She said that when she was pregnant with Taj, she didn’t start to show until around 22 weeks.

During the end of the day, she said, “This one is def earlier.”

During a family photo shoot at Miami beach, Ashy told her husband, Steven Evans, that she was going to be a mother.

“Wow, that’s really cool.” Sten was shocked when she showed him the results of the pregnancy test she had done.

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