Manhwa Escort Warrior synopsis chapter 182 183 184 185 186 187 and 188

Manhwa Escort Warrior synopsis chapter 182 183 184 185 186 187 and 188

In the first few chapters, the story starts with an assassin team put together by the kingdom and working with the murim alliance to clean up. The enemy used bombs that went off with a lot of force.

In the end, the enemy was defeated, but he had a suicide bomb hidden in his body. When the troops didn’t expect it and thought they had won, the bomb went off.

Only the leader of the group seems to be safe, but he is badly hurt and washed up in the river.

—- The leader of the troop will become the escort warrior for the Jang family in the future. He is in charge of the special forces and has the most power. He was also asked to be the leader of the Murim alliance, but he said no. Even so, many people think he is the alliance’s real leader. ——

When he gets stuck by the river, the Jang family’s maid girl finds him while she is looking for herbs. The girl ran home to get someone to help her. Hwang Nodae, who works for the Jang family as an ambassador (manager), is willing to help. In fact, this was against the rule, because civilians were not allowed to join fights between warriors.

Because of this, this help needs to be kept secret. Ryeon Jang, the clan’s young daughter, joins in while she is being treated at the Warehouse behind the house. He is also willing to keep quiet about what happened.

After five years, Ryeon Jang is no longer a child but a teenager who is growing and changing. At that time, a clan from the area attacked the Jang family. Almost every one of his soldiers died.

The old family’s ambassador, Hwang Nodae, tried to get help from the warrior who had helped him before. It turns out that the Swordsman is retired and lives alone in a forest near the village.

at first said no. But when he was told he didn’t have to fight and just had to help civilians escape, he agreed to become an escort warrior.

The Jang family also hired a lot of warriors, but most of the ones they got were second-rate. When Princess Ryeon Jang heard that Moke, one of the 6 famous warriors, was stopping in a nearby town, she planned to ask for help.

When they asked old man Hwang Nodae to prepare a horse-drawn carriage, he refused at first because the head of the family had told everyone to stay inside. But in the end, he agreed to help as long as the woman was accompanied by an escort warrior.

When he met Moke, the escort warrior didn’t do anything but stand back and watch. Moke agrees to help the Jang family as long as the woman is willing to walk 60 steps with him. Moke is basically a young warrior who falls in love with a woman.

There have been plans made for war. Because when the Jang family was being attacked, the plan was to get all the women, children, and weak people out of the way. This was the job of the escort warrior. The home of the Jang family will be defended by Moke and the warriors.

The enemy seems to have guessed the movement. They tried to break morale by going after the refugees, who were the weakest link. This was a fatal mistake made by the enemy. Because the escort warriors were there, they were in the best position.

And it is true that a single escort warrior killed hundreds of enemy soldiers. Moke and the warriors didn’t have to do much cleaning. The enemy did not win at all.

The problem is that the escort warrior keeps having the same bad memories from the past. He was traumatized by the fact that he had killed many people. After he killed everyone, he tried to stay away because he had already kept his promise. Ryeon Jang thanked him when they were done talking for saving the lives of about 300 refugees.

But, for whatever reason, the escort warrior went back to work as a bodyguard for the Jang family. And that was the start of a much bigger war. Because the attacker was a member of the powerful Pang family, which was about to take over the Jang family hill, which was used to make bombs. The Jang family doesn’t know anything about bombs, so to them, it’s just a hill.

After that happened, the Jang family kept trying to get warriors to join them. One of the new people is a Shaolin monk who used to be a special forces escort warrior. Because, in different situations, they spoke to each other as if they were fellow warriors.

Aside from that, his former subordinates from the Tang clan who were experts in secret weapons also joined. He was the same way when he was in the special forces, where the escort warrior was called the captain.

The other warriors also asked the escort warriors for a lot of help (enlightenment).

It seems that Ryeon Jang also wants to learn martial arts. At first, Moke taught him how to use a sword, but it didn’t help. Lastly, Jang Sega, the escort warrior, said that women and people who are too old to learn self-defense should learn how to use secret weapons. And Ryeon will be trained by this new person. And Moke is jealous, so he tries to find out about a secret weapon that he can use to train Ryeon. But these feelings only last a short time.

Then, the Pang family used the soldiers of the Murim Alliance to pull off a trick. The murim alliance sends a battalion of soldiers to the Jang family with the excuse that they want to find out the truth about the recent war. But on the way, the escort warrior, Jang Sega, ran into the troop leader. The commander was, of course, shocked and angry. Because he was dealing with the person in the murim alliance who had the most respect.

The troops eventually turned right and walked away from the fight, saying they had more important things to do at the border.

The idea that hills are making materials for bombs has only grown. Mostly by that Shaolin monk, who wants to find out more about it. The hill is also where the tomb of the Jang family is. When someone first tried to buy the hill, this was the reason they were turned down.

A group of Shaolin monks and warriors were sent to check out the hill. And it’s true that there are people who work for the Pang Family who dig. They blew up all the evidence because they were caught, and the Shaolin monk was killed.

The monk was one of the wandering Shaolin monks. This group later helped the Jang family because they thought that a weapon that could kill so many people should never have been made.

Also, the Pang family invited several other families to watch a show of their troops’ strength and magic. The Jang family was also invited, but it turned out that this was a trap to kill everyone in the Jang family.

So, the daughter, Ryeon Jang, got poisoned by something unknown. Lucky for them, the other families made it. The Pang family said that a group of intruders were out to get back at the Jang family.

The escort warrior, Jang Sega, felt very bad about himself because his main job at the time was to take Miss. When he heard that a healer from the Tang Clan might be able to help him, he went to get him right away.

The Gaebang’s leader was with the healer (beggar clan). When he heard that an old friend was coming to visit, the head of the Gaebang made sure to greet him right away. The healer is also ready to help people. The healer was carried very quickly to speed up the trip. But just as he was getting close to the place, Jang Sega passed out. To make a long story short, Miss Ryeon Jang was cured.

Because it was clear who the enemy was, and the Pang family would definitely attack at some point. Then there was the alliance that helped the Jang family get even stronger.

The people in the Gaebang clan move around. The group of wandering Shaolin Monks have worked together to protect the home of the Jang family. Moke gets in touch with the intelligence clan that runs a lot of brothels so he can call on former Sega minions and get other intelligence help. The daughter of the clan leader follows Moke because she also loves Moke.

To help the Jang family, the healer from the Tang Clan also went to see the leader. The Pang family killed a member of the Tang clan who was an expert in secret weapons and part of an escort warrior group. This is why they helped. (But it looks like it’s still alive, and someone helps when its badly hurt body washes up in the river).

So that the war wouldn’t hurt the Tang Clan, the healer and 50 other people were kicked out of the Clan and were free to do what they wanted. At first, the healer was angry, but then he or she got it. So, the poison experts went to block off the area around the house of the Pang family. So that the large army couldn’t leave because they had set up poisoned barriers, Only the best soldiers can go through.

It turns out that the royal elite combat troops are run by the Pang family. The big army is expected to attack the house of the Jang family in 10 days.

Moke wants to ask his Clan on the south coast for help. So, Ryeon Jang’s older brother left as the Jang family’s crown prince. After passing the “test,” the Moke family’s teacher and clan leader went to help.

The Gaebang (beggar clan) troops could only slow down the enemy’s movement a little bit, and the Gaebang had to retreat after a strong loss. The enemy troops that Jang Sega, the escort warrior, stopped were all killed because about 50 of his former subordinates from the assassination squad came together and helped with the ambush.

After about 10 days, another group led by the oldest son of the Pang family came. They fought right away with the warriors guarding the house of the Jang family. Up until that point, the group of Shaolin monks were the most powerful warriors protecting the Jang family.

When the eldest son of the Pang family was about to cut off the head of the daughter of the Hao intelligence clan, Moke showed up to save her. Then came the fight.

Moke was getting scared because the chief eldest son of the Pang family started giving off a demonic vibe. By that time, his master had caught up to him and taken control of the fight. The bad guy Pang tries to get him to go to an empty place, where he will use all of his demon powers.

Even though Pang’s bad guy has used demonic powers, he still loses and goes to sleep. Moke, who taught him, comes back to the battlefield between the troops. But when he was left behind, the criminal Pang got back up and the men who were coming toward him sucked him dry.

Jang Ryeon hides in the main house. Out of a sense of urgency, he starts the process of destroying the Building. He was in very bad shape, and escort warrior Jang Sega saved him.

The war goes on.

The escort warrior Jang Sega was the next thing that definitely killed Pang’s criminal who had turned into a demon. The story keeps going… ***

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