Lee Min-ho in Toronto & Vancouver Canada ahead of Pachinko 2 shoot

Lee Min-ho in Toronto & Vancouver Canada ahead of Pachinko 2 shoot

Lee Min-ho

Lee Min Ho, a well-known actor, is currently in Toronto to film scenes for the second season of the popular TV drama “Pachinko.” He arrived on February 17 and has been updating his fans on his activities in Canada. He was spotted at a market, purchasing provisions and regional goods while pushing a shopping cart and looking for lovely flowers. He also shared pictures of his recent major purchase, a large number of bags. During his stay, he was seen lounging on the plush sofa of his new modest home, appearing both overjoyed and worn out at the same time.

In addition to his work on “Pachinko,” Lee Min Ho recently completed filming for another high-budget Korean drama called “Ask the Stars.” In the show, he stars alongside Gong Hyo Jin and portrays the role of OB-GYN Gong Ryong, who falls in love with an astronaut traveling aboard the same spacecraft. The drama has gained a lot of attention from fans around the world due to its talented cast, intriguing storyline, sizable budget, and impressive wire work.

As filming for the second season of “Pachinko” is expected to wrap up soon, it’s likely that Lee Min Ho will be staying in Canada for a while to complete his filming commitments. Fans are eagerly anticipating the new episodes, which are expected to become available next year.

Ask the Stars might start

Similarly, Lee Min Ho’s ongoing project, “Ask the Stars,” has become highly anticipated by domestic and foreign viewers. The drama takes place on a spaceship, with Lee Min Ho playing the role of an obstetrician who pays a significant amount to join the space trip. Gong Hyo Jin portrays the best astronaut, and the two characters are rumored to fall in love with each other. Interestingly, to create the illusion of zero-gravity, Lee Min Ho’s shots are mostly taken while riding a wire.

“Ask the Stars” is garnering attention due to its space-related themes, which are uncommon in Korean dramas. The series recently released new stills to excite the audience, and it is expected to be released in the second half of 2023 after post-production work, including computer graphics (CG).

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho has also demonstrated his popularity overseas by appearing at various events. In October, he attended a fashion week held in New York as a global ambassador for a well-known fashion brand.

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