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Jordan was sentenced to prison in April 2020.

Jordan was sentenced to prison in April 2020.

Jordan Finlayson, star of the reality show ‘Beauty and the Geek,’ reinvented himself following his release from prison for drug offenses: ‘Deeply embarrassed’

Jordan Finlayson, a reality television star who served time in prison for drug dealing, has returned to the Australian modeling market.

In April 2020, the 30-year-old Beauty and the Geek runner-up was sentenced to two years and three months in prison after being found selling drugs to undercover police officers for tens of thousands of dollars.

Jordan went on to work as a bikini model following the success of Beauty and the Geek.

Jordan was freed from prison at least 10 weeks ago and spoke about her metamorphosis in an interview with the Daily Telegraph.

“I am profoundly ashamed and humiliated of who I had become: Drugs are self-centered and robbed me of five years of my twenties,” she told the publication.

“Prison was frightening, with very large, threatening women, and I was extremely ill going off drugs in clinic,” Jordan recalled of her stay at the Silverwater, Mary Wade, and Dillwynia correctional facilities.

Lachlan Cosgrove and Jordan Finlayson of Beauty and the Geek pose for a portrait on Oaks Day in 2011.

“It was the incorrect location for me. While there were no family visits during lockdown, it served as a necessary wake-up call. I had violated the law and committed an offense.

“Until that point, I believed I was invincible,” added the former contestant.

“I spent my 30th birthday in Dillwynia, where I met several great women who, like me, had made some poor choices and welcomed me in.”

Jordan Finlayson on Beauty and the Geek (left).

Jordan asked for parole earlier this year via a letter to the court, professing her regret for “letting everyone down” with her conduct.

Previously, she admitted spending more than $5000 per week on Xanax, ice, GBL, cocaine, and heroin.

Now that the reality star has been released, she is concentrating on repairing connections, enrolling in a NEIS business school, and accepting modeling contracts.

“I’m abstaining from parties, modeling at parties, and podium appearances where drugs are readily available,” she explained.

Finlayson is avoiding the Sydney nightlife in order to repair her life.

Additionally, the diva turned to Instagram to provide her first update with followers since May 2019.

“I’ve been home for over ten weeks… It’s taken me a while to adjust to reality, but I’m feeling the healthiest and most clear-headed I’ve felt in years,” she added.

“I want to express my gratitude to everyone for their messages of love and support; I feel very fortunate to have a second chance at life,” she added.

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