Gold Coast bikini designer Karina Irby, Moana Bikini swimwear range

Gold Coast bikini designer Karina Irby, Moana Bikini swimwear range

Karina Irby

Karina Irby, an Australian designer of swimwear, says that her comparison of running a business to raising a child is “offensive.”

“Offensive and misguided” comments have made a Gold Coast bikini designer even more determined to stay true to her decision not to have children. She says that she and her partner are “genuinely not interested in having kids.”

People thought Karina Irby was selfish when she said that she and her partner Ryan loved having the freedom to do “whatever we want.” Karina Irby is the creator of the popular Moana Bikini swimwear line.

“We work very hard and are very busy,” she said. It’s like having a child. The love you have for it grows every day. You never stop, and you’re always going.

he also said that he was afraid of what was going to happen to our planet. The thought of adding another person to the mix “frightens me.”

However, some people were quick to point out that running a business was not at all like being a parent.

“While you may be very busy and have to come up with new ideas and stay up all night, you can always start a new company if your old one dies.”

A lot of people say that Karina doesn’t want to have a family.

Sleep when you want. You can decide where it goes and what it does. Your company doesn’t have to be safe in the world. There are so many things you can do. I like your ideas, but don’t compare your business to being a parent. Ever.”

The other critic said, “Each to their own, but don’t compare running your own business to having a child.”

Having a child is a 24-hour, 365-day job. I think you get a good night’s sleep most nights and don’t have to get up to a crying child.

“Don’t compare it to something you haven’t tried.”

Karina didn’t back down, so she responded to the criticism she got in a new post that called the comments “offensive and misguided.”

Karina told her 1.2 million Instagram followers: “My original post about @ryanjonestown and I not wanting to have kids was not a competition.” This is what she meant.

“I was just saying that running a busy business (along with a lot of other things) makes us happy.”

Karina talked about some of the messages she had been sent.

It’s true that I find some of these statements to be a little offensive and misguided. My 10-year-old child is my business. It doesn’t mean anything bad to any parents out there, but she’s been a real pain in the ass. Sleep? Don’t even bother me. Safety? Not at all. Your company needs to be safe in the world. It’s so important! “Even more so if you have people who depend on their jobs and on you.” Weekends? Holidays? Having a break? As well, there is nothing. You work, plan, or just think and worry all the time. If a business doesn’t work out, you can’t start another one. You start over from the beginning.

Karina went on to say that being a parent looks different for each person.

People, animals, and businesses. All have a lot of responsibility and commitments. “I have all of the love and respect for my parents,” she said at the end.

“Your job must be one of the most difficult, but also the most rewarding jobs in the world.” A few of my best friends have just become Mommies, and I’m in awe of them every day. I didn’t think your journey was less important. I only talked about how I felt and what I wanted. So don’t cut down on mine.

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