Beauty TikTok Isabelle Lux mistaken 20 old, skincare addict video

Beauty Isabelle Lux, a TikTok user, claims that she has frequently been mistaken for a 20-year-old despite her actual age of 30.

Beauty Isabelle Lux, a TikTok user, claims that she has frequently been mistaken for a 20-year-old despite her actual age of 30.

A TikTok user discusses cosmetic secrets that help her stay youthful at the age of thirty.

Isabelle Lux shared her childhood secrets in a video on her TikTok account.

Isabelle, 30, of New York, is frequently mistaken for being younger than her age, and she attributes her youthful looks to these three factors.

Isabelle, a self-confessed skincare enthusiast, is constantly experimenting with new techniques to keep her skin looking youthful, but says there are three things she has always done to preserve her appearance.

“Three anti-aging skincare practices that have been kept secret for far too long from your average 30-year-old,” Isabelle stated in the video.

Her first suggestion is referred to as’slugging,’ which she defines as slathering any petroleum-based product all over your face before bed after completing your typical skincare routine.

The trend exploded on TikTok recently and originated in South Korea, a country renowned for its great skincare products that impart a youthful, radiant appearance to the skin.

It is great for dry skin types and aids in the retention of moisture in the skin, making it ideal for the winter months.

Isabelle asserts that she can attest to the technique’s effectiveness because she has been using it for 15 years, long before she discovered there was a term for it.

While many people use Vaseline, which is a petroleum-based product, Isabelle prefers Egyptian Magic, which is available on Amazon.

Isabelle’s second advice is to gently tap eye cosmetics into your skin with your fingers when applying them.

“It will not only transport the product to a specific location, but it will also raise your entire cheekbone as it depuffs the area,” she explains.

Isabelle Lux, a TikTok user, claims that she is frequently mistaken for appearing younger than she is due to certain beauty hacks.

Isabelle’s final piece of advice is to sleep with a silk eye mask every night.

She claims it has completely altered her eyes, which previously had several fine creases that grew over time.

She stated that after incorporating a silk eye mask into her daily practice, her fine lines have vanished totally.

Users expressed gratitude for Isabelle’s advice and expressed surprise that she was thirty; one user said, “I still don’t believe you’re thirty!”

“To begin, I truly believed you were a teenager. Second, I’m in love with your tinsel hair!” Another user exclaimed.

“You genuinely look 21,” a third individual said. As a result, I’m going to implement all of these tonight!”

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