Are Chris Evans and Selena Gomez Dating? Romance rumors explained

Is Selena Gomez dating Chris Evans?

Rumors have been circulating on social media for the past week or two that the 29-year-old singer and actress is romantically involved with Captain America, however they have yet to be confirmed.

According to the claims, the pop artist and Evans, 40, have lately begun following each other on Instagram. Gomez did not follow him as of Friday, Oct. 8, but he does follow her account. It’s unclear when he added her to the list. The rumors also suggest that the two are collaborating on a project, which has yet to be confirmed.

Then there are the ostensibly photographic “hints.” On Oct. 1, a Gomez fan’s Twitter account uploaded photos of the two stars separately, stating that “Chris Evans and Selena Gomez were spotted leaving the same restaurant.”

The photo of Gomez, on the other hand, was taken in November 2017 outside of a Pilates studio in Los Angeles.

In reality, a sign that reads “Pilates” is visible behind her in the photo.

Meanwhile, the photo of Evans, 40, shown about to enter an SUV while holding a cardboard box, was taken elsewhere in the city in October 2013.

Minutes after publishing the message, another Gomez fan Twitter account published two more photos with the description, “Chris Evans and Selena Gomez seen leaving the same studio in LA (October 1st).”

On Oct. 1, a photo of Gomez was shot outside a recording studio in Los Angeles. In 2019, however, things are different.

The second photo depicts Evans, a Boston native, exiting a hotel in London in July 2020 wearing a raglan shirt, black pants, a Boston Red Sox cap, and a New England Patriots mask.

Evans was also taken at the same area at the same time with Cinderella actress Lily James, who was dressed in a light cardigan over a pink patterned shirt and cropped black trousers, according to the Twitter post. The two were also caught walking together and having Flake ice cream cones in a London park that day, wearing in matching clothing.

Evans and James never confirmed reports of a romance.

While there is no evidence that Evans and Gomez are dating right now, she did have a celebrity crush on him at one point.

In 2015, she admitted on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, “I kind of have a crush on Chris Evans.” “Isn’t he adorable? He’s adorably adorable.”

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